Effective February 2023 - Wright Veterinary Hospital is now allowing a vaccinated, masked client to enter the facility with their pet during their appointment.


We will continue to offer curb-side service for those who choose to remain in their vehicles during their pet’s appointment, and for food/medicine pickup.


Protocol:  For Entering the Hospital

-    Upon arrival, pull up to the hospital door and park. Keep to the right nearest the hospital, allowing the left lane to   remain open for other traffic. Call into the hospital to alert staff of your arrival and then follow staff instructions.

-    If a client wishes to attend the appointment, only one person is allowed to enter the hospital and they must wear a mask and be vaccinated.

-    When the previous client has left the hospital, the staff will notify or wave to indicate the next client may enter.

-    If you choose to stay in the car, we will come out to pick up your animal.

-    Dogs must be on a leash, and cats must be in a carrier.

-    If you arrive early for your appointment you may be asked to re-position yourself in the vehicle line. Pull to the side to allow passing and move back into the assembly line (this is to ensure appointments are conducted in order).


Protocol:  For Clients Ordering Food or Medication

-    We will continue conducting curb-side pick-up of food and medications.

-    Clients will be instructed to stay in the left lane for pickups, if other vehicles are ahead of them.

-    Call in and we will bring out your food or medications to your vehicle.


Protocol:  Monday and Wednesday Surgeries

-    When dropping off your pet for surgery, keep in the vehicle line in front of the hospital. Stay in your vehicle and phone in to alert staff of your arrival and instructions.

-    When picking up your animal after surgery, park in the parking bays at the fence and phone in to alert the staff of your arrival and instructions.

-    To enter the hospital to pick up your pet, only one person is allowed to enter the hospital and they must wear a mask and be vaccinated.


Protocol:  For Clients Without Cell Phones

-   Upon arrival, please stay in the right lane closest to the hospital. Keep in the vehicle line. If you do not have a phone with you, please knock on the door. When the staff answers, they will give you further instructions.