Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to work with your veterinarian for your pet’s health. This working relationship is known as the Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) and is a requirement under the Veterinarian’s Act of Ontario. “The VCPR is the foundation of effective veterinary medicine and animal care”. (1) The focus of this relationship is your pet’s well being and ensures that your pet receives the best possible health care. 

Communication is a central aspect of the VCPR. As the pet owner it is important that you fully understand your pet’s health. Discussion with your veterinarian and staff about your pet’s health will enable you to make appropriate care decisions which may help your animal live a long and healthy life. 

The other central aspect of the VCPR is the examination. It is necessary that your veterinarian have “sufficient and recent knowledge” of your pet’s well being in order to provide a diagnosis, draw up a treatment plan and prescribe medications. The VCPR ensures your animal will receive safe, appropriate, and quality veterinary care. 

(1) Communication from the College of Veterinarians of Ontario to all member clinics, dated June 1, 2016.