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Wright Veterinary Hospital
6958 Wellington Road 16, R.R. #1, Belwood ON   N0B 1J0
Phone:  (519) 843-1783    Fax:  (519) 843-3628
When You Call
    When you call to book an appointment, please indicate to the staff what the appointment is for. It is important for scheduling purposes to know whether the appointment is for an annual exam and vaccines, a brief procedure like nail clipping, or whether the appointment is for a sick animal.
    Some days in the clinic, the staff are not able to get to the phone when it rings. At these times, the staff member(s) may be treating an animal or walking a dog, and they cannot get to the phone immediately. If this happens when you call, don't hesitate to leave a message. The staff will get back to you as soon as they can. 
When You E-mail
    The clinic e-mail address is 
dr.bob@pawsitiveexpress.com. You can use this address to update the staff on changes to your client profile (ie. you are moving) or status of your pet. You can ask general questions that are not of an urgent manner, give a patient progress report, or ask for a price quote for a procedure. You can also give us some feedback with regard to the newsletter and suggest topics for future newsletters. However, we ask that all appointments be arranged by phoning the office and speaking to staff directly.
    We are also able to distribute the newsletter electronically. If you would like to receive future newsletters via e-mail, please provide us with your email address. Distribution of our newsletter electronically will decrease the use of paper and help the environment.