Dr. Robert Wright Veterinary Services is a fully accredited Animal Hospital established since 1993. Dr. Wright has over thirty years experience in veterinary medicine and offers a broad range of clinical services to our clients and patients. The hospital provides medical, dental, surgical care, as well as preventative health services. 

We are dedicated to the care and well being of animals, and service to their owners.

     Our office is open for pickup of cat and dog food, prescription refills, pet weigh-ins, etc. from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily Monday to Saturday, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Staff will be happy to help you with your needs. Appointment hours are indicated below. The office is closed on all statutory holidays.
     When you have a concern about the health of your animal, please don't leave it until it becomes an emergency. Call the office during regular office hours especially if a weekend or long weekend is approaching. It is more cost effective for you to have your concern looked at during regular office hours than to wait until it becomes an emergency.

Appointment Hours                                                                                                             
Monday           1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  (Diagnostics & Surgery in a.m.)                                                            
Tuesday          6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.                                                                   
Wednesday     1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Surgery in a.m.)                                   
Thursday         6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.                                                                   
Saturday         9:00 a.m.  - 12:00 noon 
    For the safety of your animal, our clients, and other patients, all animals must be under control at all times. This means that all cats must be in a secure carrier and all dogs must be on leash - no exceptions. We will be enforcing this rule so please have your animals restrained. Should you forget your leash, the office has some leashes on hand. Please acquire one at reception before taking your animal from your vehicle.
     For our clients, we provide emergency service. When there is an emergency, call the office. The staff will make arrangements for you to meet with the doctor. Should there be no one in the office to pick up your call, follow the instructions on the answering machine. You may be instructed to call a cell phone, and your message will be returned as soon as possible. Occasionally, you may be referred to a colleague or Campus Estates Emergency Clinic in Guelph. Please be aware that should you require services outside normal office hours, an emergency fee will be charged. All emergencies will be charged an emergency fee and payment will be made by cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Debit at the time of service.
In case of an emergency after hours, call the office at 519-843-1783 and follow the instructions on the answering machine.

Dr. Robert Wright Veterinary Services