The very wet spring and cool summer of 2017 was terrible for growing pumpkins and Dr. Wright did not successfully grow a pumpkin to enter in the competition last fall. The winner won bragging rights with his giant pumpkin weighing in at 240 pounds.

But this is a new season and once again Dr. Wright challenges you to participate in the Metz Community Pumpkinfest, sponsored by St. Paul’s United Church, Metz. Dr. Bob challenges those of all ages to compete for the trophy. To produce a great contender for this year’s contest you need to start your plants early. Seeds can be obtained from Dr. Wright in the spring or from plant nurseries.

Join us for lots of family fun. This year “Pumpkinfest” is being held Saturday, September 29, 2018 in conjunction with Wellington North’s Heritage Days. As well as the regular activities, historical materials and antique tractors will be on display. We will finish off the evening with entertainment by our house band, “Down Home”. 

Some of the action from previous years.......